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CMES-OMS Joint Ventures Limited is a dynamic, fast growing oil & gas service provider with a global outlook. We provide outstanding solutions to address operational challenges facing operators in diverse sectors of the economy, most especially the oil & gas industry. We deliver world-class services and solutions in Engineering, Security and Project management.

We leverage on our global oil field financing experience, coupled with indigenous local content expertise in oil field infrastructure and security, to deliver bespoke solutions to clients across the oil & gas value chain. Our services are driven by our dynamic project management structure and safety ethic, all underpinned by our ISO 9001 accredited quality management systems.

Our business activity is focused primarily on providing our customers with first class products and services that achieve both customer’s satisfaction and development of long lasting business relationships. This process is a result of our customer satisfaction oriented focus and highly skilled workforce.

We developed our corporate values – Innovation, Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction – around our clients. We have a diverse client portfolio which includes many of the world’s leading integrated, independent and national oil and gas companies.

We foster loyalty by investing in customer relationship management and innovation. We provide our clients with a range of services and capabilities of highest quality. We do this through a range of innovative business models which allow us to tailor our services to the needs of each client. For us, operational excellence is about constantly questioning what we do, and how we do it, in order to drive continuous improvement and maintain our competitive edge.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a key part of our approach to business. We manage our business with due regard to our community’s best interests, and are committed to being recognized as a good corporate citizen. We strive to support the people living in the community where we work and also to minimize our impact on the environment. Our performance in relation to the society in which we operate and our impact on the environment is a critical part of measuring our overall performance. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy includes:

  • Integrating long-term economic, environmental and social aspects into our business strategy while maintaining technical excellence
  • Meeting community’s demands for long-term socio-economic impact, open communication and transparent relationship.
  • We build social amenities for communities, sponsor grassroots sports teams, regularly contribute to industry related charities, participate in community arts engagement programmes and work with local schools to improve quality of education.

Protecting the environment is considered an integral part of our operations. We understand that our day-to-day operations impact on the environment in a number of ways. We seek to encourage a full sense of shared responsibility for the protection of the environment among our staff, suppliers, clients and subcontractors by working together to minimize the potential harmful effects of our operations wherever and whenever this is practicable. CMES-OMS is committed to the protection of the local environment and to achieving and improving environmental best practice throughout its business activities.