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Our Vision

To be the leading Indigenous hydrocarbon exploration, production, distribution and oil field solutions service provider in Nigeria, leveraging on our enormous financial, technical and security strengths in the upstream E&P sector.

Our Mission

  • Execute strategic alliances leading to excellent bespoke oil field solutions for assets enhancements and growth.
  • Engage human capacity development to create indigenous local expertise for cost effective oil field operations.
  • Design, construct and commission E&P infrastructures for oil & gas exploration, production and distribution.
  • Design and execute world class security solutions for uninterrupted E&P operations in challenging environments.

Our values

Professionalism – We combine professionalism with excellence in delivering world class products & services.

Integrity – Integrity is our key word. We keep to our word in every project & transaction.

Client Satisfaction – Ensuring customer satisfaction is our key word. Delivering projects within the proposed time & budget.